Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Moment of Clarity

Here in the great state of Louisiana, we have a little holiday called Mardi Gras. While we're not ones to do the whole parade thing, my kids get the privilege of having a week off school. So, after two days of rain, I ventured out with my littles.

We made a Target run. By the power of prayer, deep breathing techniques and bribery, we survived with no meltdowns. Success!

Next, we headed to the park. The second we walked in, off they ran in three different directions. I chose the location because it is completely fenced with a gate that can only be opened by individuals over 5 feet. And there is a bathroom (stocked with soap and toilet paper) in short walking distance. When you've got three little ones, important factors to consider. (I know, life-changing information here.)

The kids ran off to play, and I collapsed into a bench. Nearby moms sat on blankets with their infants. The babies rolled around and chewed things and drooled. I heard one relaying her daughter's teething woes. Meanwhile, my three were at the top of the playground having a ball.

I was struck by a thought: I sometimes miss those days when mine were confined to a blanket. Now I have go out of my way to find a park with a fence!

One day, they'll grow up and be out of my control completely. At each stage of freedom comes new worries for me, new responsibilities and dangers for them and a new level of trust in a great big God.

It's scary. I don't like it when my kids are out of my sight. I can't imagine the idea of them being out of my control completely. I am so thankful for the stage they're in now.

And as that thought enters my brain, someone runs up and tells me they have to go potty.

One fleeting moment of clarity followed by the constant demands of raising preschoolers. Hope you can find that second of clear-headed perspective today.

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