Thursday, September 29, 2011

Custom Signs

I've completed several custom signs that I haven't shared yet. I love the way they all turned out.

It's so fun to create something that will be used and appreciated. My favorite step on everything I do is the finishing, because that's when it all starts to take shape. But my second favorite is delivering it to the client, particularly on custom signs. It's the reaction. It is so rewarding to take someone's vision and create something unique for their space.

This was the biggest project I've ever worked on. These two "shutters" for The Nest Antiques & Such were painted to go on either side of the storefront. I can't wait to get a pic of them hanging up outside!

This custom sign hangs above a fabulous outdoor kitchen and bar area. It was created on a repurposed cabinet door.

Here is yet another family established sign. This one is black with light cream letters.

Here's a custom sign that I designed for my mom-in-law to go on her front porch. They live in the country and she wanted people to know they were at the right place when they drove up!

This was based on a sign my sister-in-law saw and wanted me to recreate, but with my "spin" on it. I think I may need one too...

Here's another one for mom-in-law's front porch. What can I say? She's a great customer!!

If you've been dreaming about a piece for your home, why not let me create it?
Email me at aliciaslittlehouse{at}gmail{dot}com to place an order.


  1. Alicia! I live in the neighborhood just behind The Nest and have seen those signs everyday on my way home from work! Great job!


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