Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 10: Christmas Card Holder

Ok, this isn't really a craft... today's project is a ribbon Christmas card holder. I put mine in my eating area in my kitchen. This is also a great last-minute project. You probably have everything you'll need at home. 

Two long pieces of wire-edge ribbon (mine were about 6')
Hot glue
2 Command hooks
Thin ribbon to hang cards

STEP 1. Determine where you want your bows to go. Place the command hooks.

STEP 2. Drape your ribbon over the hooks until your happy with how it looks. Tie knots and bows at the hooks. Trim your ribbon and fluff the bows.

STEP 3. Take a 7" piece of thin ribbon, and fold it in half. Hot glue the folded part to the center of each card. Tie it on your ribbon holder.

This was how it looked a couple of days ago... kinda wimpy. 

Now there are a few more cards. I finally got most of mine in the mail today. Just a few more to go...

Gosh I love this season! Hope you're enjoying it. 

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