Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 11: Glittered Photo Ornaments

Today's project is similar to the Pinecone Photo Ornaments. The first two steps are the same.... copy your photos and cut them out. Next, use Mod Podge to stick the photo to cardstock and, paint Mod Podge on top of the photo. Cut it out. 

Now, you're ready to make the glittered ornaments. I used two kinds of glitter: a gold powder glitter and regular silver glitter. You'll also need glue and a paintbrush.

Use the paintbrush to paint glue on the edge of the frame. Set out a cookie sheet or cake pan with a rim, and sprinkle glitter onto the glue. Let it dry.  For the picture below, I only used the gold powder. I think the one with two types of glitter turned out so much prettier, but oh well! :) 

I know this is cheating a little bit because it's so much like the pinecone ornament... You'll have to forgive me. It was a crazy day. I locked my boys in the car at Old Navy today and had to call the fire department to get them out. We also went to the pediatrician, got flu shots and ran errands. Crazy day!

And I still have a couple of Christmas gifts to get. I've been done a couple of times, but I keep forgetting people! The big day is almost here though, and I can't wait.

Tomorrow is the last project. I'm going to share how to make a popcorn garland. 

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